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Author Topic: How do you charge for your Assessments completed.

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How do you charge for your Assessments completed.
on: August 8, 2014, 06:20

How do you charge for your Assessments completed?

A very difficult questions many has asked before.

Between R150 and R650 some would suggest.

Factors to take into consideration.

This is the number 1 factor that determine the assessment fees. Credits in short give an indication of the amount of work involved with the programme, the duration of the learning process, the amount of workplace or practical experience required and also the duration of the assessment.

Quick calculation that we can use:
5 Credits = 1 day of training and 1 week of practical experience in the workplace/previous experience.
I also think its fair to say that 1 day of training = 1 hour of assessment. Anything more should be questioned.

So there you go! Every 5 credits should be 1 hour of work in theory.

CALCULATION: If I charge R150, complete 8 assessment during the day, my expected payment should be R1200, roughly also the average/recommended facilitator fees per day.

2. NQF Level
NQF level should in theory not affect the cost of the assessment. Yes we can argue that higher education cost more than lower education levels, but what about the amount of work evolved.

In practice we use more “assessment type” instruments in lower NQF levels, such as 1,2 and 3. (People on NQF 1-3 normally struggle with language, might not have the computer skills and struggle with assignment type evidence and therefore we make more use of instruments like written test, observation and interviews that is more “assessor” labour involved.)

When we talk about higher NQF levels such as NQF 4 to 6 the learners are more computer literate and able to compile assignment type questions that is far less labour intensive like lower NQF levels.

CALCULATION: Completing assessments for NQF 4, 5 and 6 is much easier if it consist out of assignments. Your work is ready and just waiting to be assessed. Working with lower NQF levels involve working with people and more written paperwork that could cause a massive delay in the process.

Now this can break or make you and all depends on how the material was developed. Questions you should ask:
-How many pages in the assessment guide?
-How user friendly is the guide?
-How much evidence is required by the instruments?
-What type of instruments is used?
-Can I complete my assessment electronically or must I complete it in writing?

Payment terms is of course also a mayor issue. When will you be paid? Also the amount of work received, the amount of assessment requested will depend on the final agreed amount.

1. Calculate the amount of work involved.
2. Calculate the amount of time it will take you to complete the assessments.
3. Set your budget – daily rate.
4. Agree on payment terms and numbers.

Let us know your comments on this.

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Re: How do you charge for your Assessments completed.
on: April 4, 2019, 13:12

This is a very helpful post and indication on how to calculate how much to charge for Assessment. I have seen in some cases though that the client/Service provider has a pre-calculated rate in their SLA and sometimes are not always open to negotiate. I have also noted that there are different rates in the market for the different NQF levels (Higher levels have a higher rate).

Just a thought, is there no established industry body that could provide a potential minimum?

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Re: How do you charge for your Assessments completed.
on: April 4, 2019, 13:21

I think this is a very interesting post and one that gives a great guideline on how to charge for assessing services. I have also noted that some service providers already have a calculated rate in the SLA they offer and Assessor. I would like to compare these rates to the examples above. Payment terms seem to be generally accepted as on completion of the work...maybe as assessors we need to lobby for a part payment clause in the standard SLAs? Ideas? Has anyone tried upfront part payments?

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