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Contact info:
Name Hennie
Email hennie__at__coolschool__dot__co__dot__za
Contact number 0793928311
Trainer info:
Type Facilitator, Assessor
Region Gauteng
Field Information Technology
Assessing from year? 2016
Moderating from year?
Willing to Travel? Yes
SDF from year?

To whom it may concern. This letter is to tell people more about me, my experiences and my knowledge. I have worked at 2 X companies since I started my career in 1994, Ellerines (1994-2004) and Onesys/Onelaw/Onecor (2006-currently). On 01/10/2014 Onelaw PTY(LTD) has been put under section 189 (retrenchments), this means I am available immediately. I am excellent with a few things: 1. Service Desk – because this is my passion, I love it. I’ve got examples of my processes, rules and reporting that I implemented on my current Service Desk. 2. Processes – I always build processes, set targets and train people, because I know knowledge is nothing without sharing it with other people. 3. Service delivery – I like to keep my customers happy within the rules 4. Procurement - I build, fine tuned and did the process for the company. 5. Disciplinary enquiries – I was doing enquiries since 2007 for the company. 6. Health and Safety – I was also Health and Safety officer at the company for 6 years. 7. Scrum master – I was scrum master for a year for 1 Development team and then the technical team. 8. I was coaching Service Desk employess, on a one-on-one basis. I am also a Director within me and my wifes 2 X companies, we owe 14 small busses with which we transport learners with. I also do motivational speeches, and I am fluently with both Afrikaans and English. Do not hesitate to contact me. Hennie 0793928311 I am excellent with a few things: 1. Service Desk 2. Processes building 3.Service Delivery 4. Procurement 5. Disciplinary enquiries 6. Health and Safety 7. Scrum master 8. Coaching.


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