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Contact info:
Name Charmaine
Email charmaine__dot__blose__at__icloud__dot__com
Contact number 0644233104
Trainer info:
Type Facilitator, Assessor, SDF
Region KwaZulu-Natal
Field Hospitality, Tourism, Travel, Leisure and Gaming, Administration, ABET, Manufacturing and Assembly Processes
Assessing from year? 0
Moderating from year? 0
Willing to Travel? No
SDF from year? 7

I am an ambitious lady who strive for excellence in all projects I engage in. My goal orients attitude is the driving force behind my desire to succeed. I am a team player who constantly aims to keep my team motivated. I myself am motivated to perform where they are no pressures and conversely when there is difficulty and high levels of pressure. In regards to expertise and skills, my communication skills are second to none . I have competent in my organizational skills. I am malleable and adapt to any environment and mould to its demands and challenges. This is in line with my belief system that life is a continuous learning process where I am willing and able to learn. I have proven honest and reliable through being accountable in environments where I handled hard cash on daily basis. To sum it up; I am a hard working, driven individual who sets a high standard for herself in order to excel in all activities I endeavors in. I feel I would be an invaluable asset to your organization if given an opportunity to prove myself. What I lack in experience will be made up for in my quickness and my willingness to learn and my passion for results. Enclosed please find my resume and I am available to start any day for an interview. Hope my application will reach your favorable consideration.


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