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Contact info:
Name Carl Roodnick
Email cwroodnick__at__gmail__dot__com
Contact number +27839946989
Trainer info:
Type Developer
Region KwaZulu-Natal
Field Hospitality, Tourism, Travel, Leisure and Gaming, Retail and Wholesale, Technical Production, Entrepreneurship & Small Business Development, Generic Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Project Management, Legal = Criminology and Criminal Justice, Communication, Journalism, Translation, Interpreting and Language Editing, Occupationally-directed, Life Skills + Emergency Care and Medical Rescue, Engineering, Manufacturing and Assembly Processes, Christian Theology and Ministry
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I am a multi-skilled Learning and Development practitioner and consultant with over 20 years of L&D experience. Multi-skilled - besides Instructional Learning Design and Development expertise - I bring extensive Journalistic, editing, and Information Mapping skills to bear.


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