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Contact info:
Name Celeste
Email celeste__at__ththospitalitytraining__dot__com
Contact number 0825989083
Trainer info:
Type Facilitator, Assessor, Moderator
Region KwaZulu-Natal
Field Hospitality, Tourism, Travel, Leisure and Gaming
Assessing from year?
Moderating from year?
Willing to Travel? yes
SDF from year?

Hardworking, honest and reliable, this is what i deliver and what i expect from those i work with. I have a positive outlook on all things in life and will always strive to give nothing but the best. I don't believe in shortcuts, do things properly and don't cut corners, second best is not good enough. I enjoy the outdoors, surfing is a passion and spending time with my partner and dog are special to me. I enjoy every moment of my life.


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