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Contact info:
Email anframarkos__at__gmail__dot__com
Contact number +27722976911
Trainer info:
Type Facilitator, Assessor
Region Western Cape
Field Agricultural, Forestry, Nature Conservation, Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain Mngt, Building Construction, Environmental , Occupationally-directed, Transport and Logistics, Chemical Industries
Assessing from year? 2010
Moderating from year?
Willing to Travel? yes
SDF from year?

It all started in my younger years when I had done a lot of 4x4 driving. Always tried to be perfect in the handling of a 4x4 vehicle avoiding or conquering unavoided dangerous situations keeping the vehicle wellbeing as well as the environment in mind. From there it became relevant to me that it could have a huge impact if one could teach others to start thinking on the same level. This was when I decided to get involved in the Construction and Mining Sectors.


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