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My full experience in the horticultural industry from 1991 to the present was achieved while working in the capacity of Chief Agricultural Technician at the SANBI in Pretoria, South Africa from 2009 - 2011 and with good background and experience in both retail and wholesale nurseries. My work has primarily involved the establishment and control of various landscaping projects and re-establishment of grounds and sites. I have had oversight and management of many ground-staff sometimes up to 28 people, whom I have worked with and have given training over this period. My work has included over the past 6 years since 2011, experiential hands on permaculture projects while on sabbatical, site management at the Emperors Palace and assisting with gardens reestablishment working at VBR Projects in Cape Town. My overall skills and experience is listed below and includes the following; * Nursery Management and sales * Principles of nursery management and control * Environmental and Ecological Management * Information and guiding for visitors at the gardens (SANBI) * Wetlands monitoring and information * Conservation and preservation of fauna and flora (SANBI) * Re-establishment and construction of gardens and properties * Stores and management of stores * Information provision and specialized knowledge of vegetation and special plants * Landscaping and garden reestablishment * Management of ground-staff * Permaculture * Indigenous plant knowledge and alien trees and vegetation • Plant cataloguing • Abstracts • Information and references * Nursery operations and management * Permaculture * Landscape designing and planting * Herbaria - Plant knowledge and taxonomy * Alien vegetation and identification * Records management and cataloguing for information retrieval


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