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Contact info:
Name Christopher McCreanor
Email Christopher__at__hybrilearn__dot__co__dot__za
Contact number 0837951304
Trainer info:
Type Facilitator, Assessor, Moderator, SDF, Developer
Region Eastern Cape, Free State, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, North West, Northern Cape, Western Cape
Field Hospitality, Tourism, Travel, Leisure and Gaming, Retail and Wholesale, Technical Production, Economics, Entrepreneurship & Small Business Development, Generic Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Project Management, Communication, Government, Translation, Interpreting and Language Editing, ABET, Childhood Development, Occupationally-directed, Democracy, Human Rights, Peace and Elections, Life Skills + Emergency Care and Medical Rescue
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Willing to Travel? Yes
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Introduction and Learning Philosophy of Christopher McCreanor Dr. Christopher McCreanor has more than 25 years’ experience in teaching, learning and development and lecturing in South Africa and abroad. Christopher is energetic, professional and self-motivated, an award-winning confident training and development practitioner with proven facilitation skills in primary, secondary, tertiary and adult education, soft skills, technical skills and (project) management skills, as well as extensive experience in design, development, implementation and facilitation of bespoke training programmes in-line with National and International Qualification Initiatives. As an accredited and registered coach, assessor, moderator, verifier and senior training manager he has an inherent ability to motivate and engage team members to realise the organisational objectives through transformational leadership. Motivator and coach - mentor with well-developed communication and interpersonal skills and a commitment to excellence in training and development. Christopher’s Personal Teaching Philosophy I believe that to be most effective as a lecturer and learning facilitator, one must create a safe environment that is interactive and collaborative, and environment that promotes problem-solving and critical thinking skills. A friendly environment accommodates diversity in adult learning styles and inspires learners to present their opinions while respecting the opinions of others. By giving learners a voice in class, not only do the learner benefit from peer-peer learning by enriching the course material with personal experiences and knowledge, but they also take responsibility for their own learning and, therefore, augment the assimilation of their new knowledge into practice. Promoting autonomous thinking is essential so that learners can take what they have learned and apply it in real-life and work situations. Therefore, I endeavour to make my classroom or training room an arena for learners to learn skills and demonstrate outcomes. To create a safe learning environment, I encourage learners to ask questions and give their views on the material we are covering. I strongly belief in teaching learners to give feedback freely and solicit feedback in the form of “stop, start and continue” from my learners about my personal influence and conduct on their learning experience, and I then implement learner suggestions to improve my service delivery and their learning outcomes. I strive to implement strategies that create a collaborative and safe atmosphere and encourage the application of knowledge to new situations in their personal and work-life’s. I believe that these strategies help learners become ready and able to apply their knowledge in their studies and learning and in their current and future employment.


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