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Contact info:
Name Deon Van Heerden
Email deon__at__dmgglobaltraining__dot__co__dot__za
Contact number 0824456277
Trainer info:
Type Facilitator, Assessor, Moderator
Region Eastern Cape, Free State, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, North West, Northern Cape, Western Cape
Field Agricultural, Forestry, Nature Conservation, Landscape , Hospitality, Tourism, Travel, Leisure and Gaming, Retail and Wholesale, Technical Production, Administration, Human Resource Management, Medical +Medicine, Dentistry & Medical Science , Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain Mngt, Government, Building Construction, Environmental , Occupationally-directed, Safety and Security, Transport and Logistics, Clothing, Textiles, Footwear and Leather, Chemical Industries, Hygiene & Cleaning Services, Life Skills + Emergency Care and Medical Rescue, Engineering, Manufacturing and Assembly Processes, Printing and Packaging
Assessing from year? 2008
Moderating from year? 2016
Willing to Travel? Yes
SDF from year?

I am registered with TETA, HWSETA and SASSETA as an Assessor and Moderator. I have 20 years in the security industry and 8 years experience as an Assessor and Moderator in Lifting Machinery and Lifting Tackle, First Aid and Basic Fire fighting. My Unit Standards that I am Accredited for at TETA is 116254, 116255, 116231, 116235, 242972, 242974, 242978, 242982, 242981, 253638, 253582, 244407, 242976, 260837, 120496, 8016, 9964, 12484, 243272, 123259, 260781, 260762. HWSETA Accreditation: 13961, 252250, 119567, 120496 I am prepared to travel in Africa as I have my yellow card and valid Passport. I offer my services to all Training Providers that need Freelance Assessor and Moderators Nationally and Internationally. I have my own Vehicle ask a daily rate for kilometers and work on a daily rate that is negotiable.


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